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Art Gallery is an art-on-demand service with a selection of images to print on fabric in limited edition, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
A continually updated selection of the works of internationally known artists from the world of design, illustration, painting, photography, Iphone photography, urban art, graffiti, digital art, infographics, algorithmic images, lowbrow art...

Art Gallery es un servicio de art-on-demand con una selección de imágenes para imprimir sobre tela en edición limitada, acompañadas de un Certificado de Autenticidad.
Una selección, continuamente actualizada, que incluye las obras de grandes artistas en la escena internacional del mundo del diseño, ilustración, pintura, fotografía, Iphone photography, arte urbano, graffiti, arte digital, infografía, imágenes algorítmicas, lowbrow art...

Digital Cocoon, Silk Road Map_Expo Shanghai > 6_13-10-2010

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Here some pics from Shanghai Expo 2010

Digital Cocoon, Silk Road Map_Expo Shanghai > 6_13-10-2010

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Exhibition: World Trade Center_Shanghai

House of Excellences in China, China-Italy-Architectural_organization
Promoter - OICE >
Organization - newitalianblood >

Self Sufficient City_CCCB Barcelona

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_iAAideogram Analogical Architecture Exhibition _Videos_

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ROJO® printed issue

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artwork selected to be featured in the next ROJO® printed issue.
240 pages, all full colour, high class heavy paper and totally textless, as always...
Launching date: 15.06.2009

Art Below London 09

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Exhibition in London Underground

Exhibition goes on > May 2009

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eVolo 09 Skyscraper Competition

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Digital Architecture

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_iAA - Ideogram Analogical Architecture



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CARSLBERG MASTERPLAN > The Re/Creative CityIt is the intention of this proposal to keep and to expand the qualities of the area and to develope them whit futher facilities and activities. The guiding elements:_Waterscapes and Landscape features, parks and gardens to ensure active and passive recreational options._Urban elements, from the big scale to the small that can generate many kinds of city life._Creative element, generate new cultural facilities to attract creative jobs and persons.

STUDY CONCEPT-RIBBON HOUSE Out of the CityThe single family house is created by a single dynamic movement that forms one entire space. The glass skin of the house makes the interior configuration transparent to the landscape. The superimposition of the Ribbon House is the absence of internal limits- it gives the freedom and the possibility to configurate your own private space during time. The unconventional domestic space is build in reinforced concrete where the floor and the cieling becomes part of the same continious loop. The Ribbon House is performing an amazing channels of communication and interaction inside out.